Wardrobe stylist

Brandy Kraft

Versus Versace Party

Last night I had the honor of attending the Versus Versace party at the Lexington Armory in New York City. The runway show/concert/A-list party was well, if one word were to sum it up- impressive. The show was a kick off for the launch of the Versus collection, a collaborative effort between the Versace line and Irish designer, J.W. Anderson.

New York’s finest fashionistas crowded around and were wooed by musical performances by Angel Haze, Dead Sara, and the adorable nymph, Grimes.

The clothing was a mix of bold graphics and textures with lots of black and white. I noted huge safety pins on the bags and one male model in a little black dress. Punk is definitely back.

But clothing aside, this was a whole body experience. The huge dark room was literally pulsating, as if entering into a different reality. One that vibrates on a different frequency where everyone is really, really ridiculously good looking. There was not only fantastic music, but visuals too. Huge screens projected massive psychedelic graphics. There was a ton of model eye candy, and even a male model riding around on a bike with a twirling rack of handbags attached giving rides to people on the back. There was an open bar with exclusively male model bar tenders, and doughnuts handed out at the end of the night. I have no clue what doughnuts had to do with anything but it did leave the guest with the feeling of full sensory entertainment. Celebrity guests included Heidi Klum, Mena Suvari, Lady Gaga, and I think a couple of Jonas brothers.

DJ Maxwell spun music center stage after the shows were over and the inner raver came out in everyone that was left (me and Chloe Noregaard included). We all danced like crazy peopleon drugs.Did I mention the rave scene is back too?

Below are a few of the highlights. A Versus model modeling new garb, the twirly handbag bike thingy, and me with two adorable Versace models.

Thanks Versus Versace and New York city’s fashion scene for a memorable night.



Special thanks to Harry Driggs.