Wardrobe stylist

Brandy Kraft

Diamonds Are a Girls' Best Friend

A good friend of mine, Mike Pechonis, had an idea to make a ring that would trump all rings. His vision was a giant diamond on top of brass knuckles. After a few years of tossing the idea around, he finally teamed up with unconventional jeweler, Michael Raymond to make it happen. The result is a show-stopping 180 carat crystal set in 14 brass raccoon penis bones, mounted on a full set of brass knuckles. 

Being the lucky lady I am, Mike kindly let me borrow the ring and I put together a fun photo shoot to highlight the unique piece.

Together with a great team, we took the ring on a little tour around downtown Chicago. The story is about a girl just hanging out with her best friend, AKA giant diamond ring... Enjoy!

Video by Michael Raymond on his creation