Wardrobe stylist

Brandy Kraft

Break up Shoes...

When life gives you lemons- make lemonade... or in this case, when life gives you ex-girlfriends- make amazing shoes! Sebastien Errazruiz has created an entire shoe collection around 12 of his ex-girlfriends.  As dark a path as you'd think this concept could turn down, it's surprisingly very light-hearted.  The designs are fun, witty, and very well thought out.  Each shoe is based around an ex-lover's character traits, some good (Honey, shoe No.1) and some bad (Gold Digger, shoe No. 3, my fav).

Check out the wearable shoes this year at Art Basel Miami Beach.  The exhibit, "12 shoes for 12 lovers" is on view for from Dec 6- Jan 6 at the pop-up shop for Brazilian shoe brand, Melissa.