Wardrobe stylist

Brandy Kraft

Silk Scarves by Bryony!

Alert! I have fallen completely head-over-heels in LOVE!!! The cause of this burning, raging lust inside me are the amazing silk scarves by LA photographer, Bryony Shearmur

Each scarf is truly, a work of fine art.  The delicate images original photographs Bryony has taken along her travels.  Her new collection is a celebration of nature and features photos taken around the US.  (Though my two favorites are the ones taken in England, River East Sussex and Sussex).

For me I know whether or not I am going to buy something in an instant.  This was no different.  The gorgeous photography and high quality silk charmeuse made this a piece way too good to pass up.  Space 519 at the Shops at Michigan 900 in Chicago have a few of these beauties in stock.

Silk scarves are very light to wear and larger ones like this are extremely versatile.  They can be worn over the shoulders, around the hips, or doubled up at the neck.  In the winter time, they are surprisingly warm and are great at keeping wind off of your ears and neck (my impulse buy was totally practical, you see!) ;-)

Take a look for yourselves and get that credit card ready.  I've already got one and I'm eyeing a second! 

Thanks Bryony for my new love!